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Solutions for Retailers

Fullmoon Market Data in the Cloud for Retailers

A tool to compare yourself to your market and make sure you stay ahead of your competitors.


Gain instant access to insights that will help you adapt your retail strategy based on market trends and events. Learn for example how to reduce your inventory, optimize your promotions and increase your sales...

  • Have access to data 24/7 across all your devices

  • Autonomously monitor your performance and compare yourself to your market

  • Benefit from extensive and accurate market data based on a large panel of retailers and a transparent methodology

  • React quickly to market trends & events thanks to monthly data updates

  • Have access to a broad range of indicators in interactive & visual dashboards

  • Understand your business drivers, discover new patterns, and take
    data driven decisions

  • Optimize your operations down
    to individual SKUs. thanks to our detailed market data


  • Export raw data as needed to perform your own analysis

  • Choose only our panel data or add also our extrapolated market data

Fullmoon Market Reports

for Retailers

Support your business decisions with regular & detailed market reports, that we can customize for you on specific brands, product categories or geographies.

  • ​​Gain access to deep strategic insights to help you optimize your marketing (price, promotions), your sales objectives (targets, sales force planification) or your logistics (stock optimization, out-of-stock minimization).

  • Benefit from custom reports based on your needs, with details up to product subcateogry, province or brands

  • Reports based on economic situation, consumer trends,
    market evolution…

Fullmoon Consulting

The data and reports might reveal the need for more specific expertise to optimize your business. Our partners Gondola and Sparkers have over 20 years of expertise in your industry and can consult you on every part of your business.

  • Adapt your strategy
    to the changing market


  • Optimize your internal and external operations

  • Marketing communication

  • Customer loyalty, in store service, after sales…

  • Streamline your shop concepts

  • E-Commerce strategy and operational advice

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